Asset Inventory System, Asset Inventory Service, Asset Inventory Program

Corporate Transport & Logistics
Corporate Transport & Logistics, Inc. is a growing transportation management company in Simi Valley, CA. Our efficient and successful transportation and logistics services are quickly making us one of the leading providers in our industry.

Inventory Management Solutions
Headquartered in sunny Clearwater, Florida, Inventory Management Solutions Inc. is a respected and trusted industry leader of fixed asset management solutions. Founded in 1996, the primary objective of the company is to provide ongoing relationships for our customers while helping them handle any curve balls that arise in their fixed asset management processes. Our commitment is to offer cutting edge technology with comprehensive and easy-to-use software with extensive and accurate reporting tools. We have been nationally recognized as the TOP FAS Performer from 2006 through 2009 and have been awarded Business Partner of the year as well for those years.

ICON Inventory System
In November, 2001, the idea of a home and business inventory service was founded by three businessmen who saw the need for this type of service after one of the owners, Bradley Craig, was robbed of a $5000 piece of memorabilia at a local sports arena. Mr. Craig had no proof of ownership. After researching the idea of an inventory service, Mr. Craig strategically teamed up with two other partners, Leno Marin and Larry Dorsey to form ICON Inventory Systems.