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Aigner Chocolates
Aigner Chocolates bears the standard of the highest quality chocolatiers and confectioners in the United States. As one of the few small-scale, family manufacturer-retailers Aigner chocolates are primarily crafted in a traditional Austrian style.


Clemmy's Ice Cream
Maker and marketer and distributor of sugar free ice cream products.


MarieBelle Sweets NYC
MarieBelle sweets offers fine gourmet chocolate, tofee & hot chocolate. Corporate gift baskets available. Retail store offers a cacao bar and unique luxury sweets.


Wiseman House Chocolates
Pursuing a simpler life, Kevin and LaDonne Wenzel moved to the Texas Hill country to start a small gourmet chocolate company in 1996. Their business plan? Simple ingredients: real chocolate, fresh fruit and nuts, authentic liquers. Quality you can taste.


XOCAI Healthy Chocolate
XOCAI Healthy Chocolate Atlanta, GA