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Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Since 1900, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has grown into a world-class orchestra performing in one of the world's finest concert halls. Members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's musical community build upon a rich 107-yr tradition of artistic excellence.

McCallum Theatre
The McCallum Theatre

National Philharmonic
The National Philharmonic performed at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre in Rockville, Maryland until Feb. 2005, when it became the Music Center at Strathmore

One World Theatre
One World Theatre Austin, TX

Orlando Philharmonic
This client is the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. The would like to sell tickets to the box office for different show.

Palm Beach Pops
Bob Lappin & The Palm Beach PopsThe house lights dim and the spotlight comes on as he takes his place on stage. The orchestra begins to play and it becomes apparent that Maestro Bob Lappin has orchestrated yet another exceptional evening of ente

The Plaza Theatre
The Plaza Theatre Orlando, FL