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M Space
MSpace is a national full-service audiovisual and videoconferencing systems provider. We offer everything from business needs assessment and consulting to user training and complete room support for your company, school, or Government/GSA buying entity.


In today's quickly changing technology front, video conferencing has evolved to "simple to use" services that are based in the cloud. No longer do you need expensive hardware i.e. video cameras, video switching systems and monitors placed around a conference table. All that is needed is a desktop or laptop with a webcam and a good Internet connection for you and your conferees and you are good to go. These new services are called desktop video conferencing services and there are some features that you need to look for when choosing one of these services.


Propelled by a super charged Silicon Valley startup environment, our engineering team tackles complex software problems and thrives on the challenge of scale - quite unique to high quality interactive video over the Internet. We have a world class team of engineers who love to be in action and believe they can change the world with their code.