Corporate Law, Banking, Finance Law

Edgerton & Weaver
Edgerton and Weaver, LLP provides legal services for financial institutions, retirement plans, and real estate firms worldwide, professional accountants and attorneys in malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty claims, and regulatory enforcement actions.

Fedders Law
Law firm practicing securities fraud, regulation compliance enforcement, hedge funds, etc.

Geraci Law Firm Securties
Geraci Law Firm Securties Irvine, CA

Harry Miller, Esq.
In addition to representing defrauded investors and individuals who believe they have been cheated by their stockbroker or investment advisor, Mr. Miller also provides services to other attorneys regarding securities fraud.

National Hard Money association
The NHMA brings together hard money lenders, rediscount / warehouse lenders, individual note and mortgage pool investors, brokers, and providers of goods & services to facilitate operational improvements and successful growth.

Scarlett And Gucciardo Attorneys at Law
Attorneys at Scarlett & Gucciardo have over thirty-five (35) years of combined experience handling arbitration proceedings for victims of stockbroker and brokerage firm misconduct and unlawful brokerage firm employment practices. We aggressively represent