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The history of Unit Coins actually got its start on September-11-2001. When our country was attacked we were devastated and at our age we knew there was nothing we could do to help. Or so we thought. We soon found out that a lot of folks were creating ways to directly support our troops. One such operation offered us the opportunity to "adopt a soldier". We did and it turned out to be an experience that changed our livers in many ways. The soldier we adopted was deployed so our initial method of contact was email and packages. When his deployment was over he was stationed on the east coast, only about three hours from us. Now we would get to meet our soldier. On his first visit he brought his entire collection of challenge coins to show us. I was struck with the high degree of pride he showed in the collection. He had more than 50 coins and he had a story for each one of them; how he got them, where he was at the time, who presented it, and what he was awarded for with the coins. Since I had a background in promotional advertising I immediately know how to make these coins. As our visits became more and more frequent, so did my interest in Challenge coins.

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Manufacturing Challenge Coins

After considerable study of the market we decided to start our own challenge coin business. We launched our website Memorial Day 2006 and have never been happier. Unit Coins allows us to interact with and provide support for our military and first responders on a daily basis.

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